Friday, November 6, 2015

Sky to unveil game-changing new box, the tech we don't want in a smart phone, and a winter wearable with over forty functions

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New Sky box launching on November 18?

Sky has a new launch planned for November 18. But what exactly is it?

A teaser video makes clear it'll be something monumental, as it runs through the years of television from the 1920s, with announcements marking various landmarks in Sky's history (the introduction of Sky, its first HD channels etc). Then it says "Join us to see what's next", followed by the tagline "Set your TV free".

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This jacket packs over 40 functions

It's dark and cold and invariably wet. You need a jacket, so why not check out this one that's laden with tech?

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The tech we don't want in a smartwatch

Wearables are currently the big thing in the tech world, and we're seeing them get more and more advanced. 

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