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Supercapacitors have the power to save you from data loss [Wed Oct 1 2014]

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*** Data Storage Hardware ***

Chip titan Micron shows off Elpida-fattened bottom line
Slurped Rexchip too...

Life after server-side flash: What comes next?
Dave Cartright essays six post-NAND competitors

Samsung lays down PCIe server flash gauntlet
Are you listening, SanDisk?

All awash in red ink, but Overland Storage is still swimming
Losses not as bad as they look

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Intelligent flash storage arrays
Tegile Intelligent Storage Arrays with IntelliFlash helps IT boost storage utilization and effciency while delivering unmatched storage savings and performance.

*** Block Storage ***

FlashDIMM flare-up: Netlist hit by Diablo counter-sueball
Patents, it's always the patents they're fighting over

On integrating flash arrays with server-side flash
Cache storage gets faster and faster

Supercapacitors have the power to save you from data loss
Learn all about them

*** Whitepaper ***

Saudi Petroleum chooses Tegile storage solution
A storage solution that addresses company growth and performance for business-critical applications of caseware archive and search along with other key operational systems.

*** File Storage ***

Is Cleversafe the object storage of HP's affection?
Mirror, mirror etc, StoreAll is the fairest one of all

Balls of destruction CRUSH your fancy new storage systems ... better
get used to it
Start planning for disruptive software upgrades

Seagate embiggens its spy drive, waves it at CCTV cameras
A terabyte of storage weighs just 90g. Fancy that

*** Data Protection and Management ***

Oracle crashes all-flash bash: Behold, our hybrid FS1 arrays
Mutant flash/disk box a pillar of storage: It's axiomatic

Seagate cloud bod on EVault's EBA: Why of course we do dedupe
Asks to make some clarifications

Database virtualisation outfit Delphix: Lotsa dosh, few competitors
Nice niche if you can get it. El Reg chats to founder

Cloud storage bods Nasuni ram BILLION-object volume into filer
Ours is bigger than yours

*** And finally ... ***

Texas T Rex Dell: Terabytes shipped. Count 'em and weep...
We're king of the storage world


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Is Windows 10 really Windows 7.5?

Anti-Facebook Ello: Here's why we're still in beta. SPAMGASM! [Wed Oct 1 2014]

The Sydney Morning Herald

Is Windows 10 really Windows 7.5?

It will take more than skipping a version number for Microsoft to recover from the Windows 8 fiasco.

Top stories

Microsoft launches new Windows 10 focused on business

Windows 10 renders differently on different devices.
Dina Bass 10:25am | Operating system upgrade has a custom application store and added security, seeking to woo businesses that shunned the previous version.

Ello, goodbye: five social network flops

Social networks come and go. Can Ello stick as much as Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook?
Hannah Francis | Social networks come and go, but some last longer than others. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Australian among people charged with hacking US Army, XBox

Hackers are accused of breaking into programs used for the US Army's Apache helicopter pilot training, Microsoft's Xbox One consoles, and yet-to-be released video games.
2:17pm | Members of an alleged international hacking ring, including an Australian, charged with cracking the networks of the US Army and game developers to steal secrets.

Sophisticated trojan virus targets HK protesters' iPhones

Student protesters shine lights from their phones as they chant pro-democracy slogans on the streets of Hong Kong.
Cybersecurity researchers uncover Apple iOS virus believed to be is targeting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

BlackBerry stamps new Passport for return to profitability

BlackBerry Passport
Jenneth Orantia | Can the new square phone catch the attention of the "underserved" professional user market?

Melbourne illustrator furious after artwork stolen and sold online

Kelly Thompson
MELANIE KEMBREY | A Melbourne-based illustrator has been left reeling after her artwork was stolen, printed on clothing and put up for sale on shopping websites.

Oracle Cloud to match Amazon's pricing: Larry Ellison

End of an era: Larry Ellison's departure is one of the last exits of the tech industry's first generation of celebrity executives, who took computers from the back offices of a few big institutions and into everyday life.
Jack Clark 4:33pm | Oracle said its cloud service will match rival Amazon's pricing as it struggles to woe clients away from Amazon Web Services.

Skeleton of man from ancient group of humans found in South Africa

Vanessa Hayes collecting DNA from Kalahari locals in Namibia to compare with the DNA of St Helena's skeletons.
NICKY PHILLIPS | The skeleton of a man who lived more than 2300 years ago and foraged food from the ocean off southern Africa belonged to an ancient group of modern humans.


More stories

How feasible is a third type of network?
Beyond the internet: moves to set up a 'third network'
Laszlo Bock, Google's executive in charge of human resources, has argued that a diverse work force could be good for Google's business.
Google wages war on unconscious racism, sexism in the workplace


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Transparency plus CDN diversity delivers optimum user experience
Yves Rocher required an intelligent and responsive infrastructure to ensure worldwide availability and performance.
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