Friday, February 28, 2014

Editor's Pick: Mt. Gox Scrambles for Chap. 11 Cover

Mt. Gox Scrambles for Chap. 11 Cover

Richard Adhikari
02/28/14 1:28 PM PT
Whether Mt. Gox made some really bad mistakes due to growing pains or criminals hacked into its system and pilfered its Bitcoins, the results are the same: Investments and confidence have been lost. "I think [CEO Mark] Karpeles made a mistake in the code he wrote five years ago, and he's just finding that out," remarked F-Secure CRO Mikko Hypponen. [More...]

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Chrome Encourages Searchers to Speak Up
Google has added hands-free voice search to the latest beta version of the Chrome Web browser. Users need not have to interrupt messy housework and first wash their hands in order to search for a recipe for homemade glass cleaner, for example. All they need to do is open a new tab or go to the Google homepage, say the words "OK Google," and dictate their search terms. [More...]

Brits Hoovered Yahoo Webcams, Say Snowden Papers
A British intelligence agency indiscriminately collected photos from the webcams of Yahoo users and reportedly stored them on its servers over a period of several years as part of a surveillance program called "Optic Nerve." The operation was run by the UK's NSA counterpart, GCHQ, according to a top secret documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. [More...]

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Accelerating Innovation: New Approaches to Software Development for Smarter Products

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Alien Life
Mars Meteorite with Odd 'Tunnels' & 'Spheres' Revives Debate Over Ancient Martian Life

The discovery of tiny balls and tunnels inside a Martian meteorite has rekindled the debate over whether the Red Planet was teeming with primitive life millions of years ago.

A Stargazing Adventure: Climbing a Volcano for Cosmic Sightseeing (Photos)

Astrophographer Justin Ng traveled to Indonesia to climb a volcano in order to caught sight of some incredible cosmic views. Read his account of the adventure here.

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'Gravity' Captures 'Visceral' Nature of Spacewalks, Former Astronaut Says

Leroy Chiao, a former NASA astronaut, says that the movie 'Gravity' does a good job of recreating the experience of floating in space on a spacewalk.

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8 Science Fiction Movies to Watch in 2014

From 'Interstellar' to 'The LEGO Movie,' here are eight space age science fiction movies to watch this year.

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Year-long Mock Mars Mission Picks Semifinalists for Canadian Arctic Crew

An ambitious simulated Mars mission that will take place over a full year in the Canadian Arctic has whittled its pool of potential crewmembers by two-thirds.

Wally Schirra

'Astroskin,' an Astronaut Smart Shirt, Gets Icy Test in Antarctica (Video)

An eight-person Antarctic expedition is testing out Astroskin, a wearable shirt with sensors embedded in it that was developed for the Canadian Space Agency.

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Since the dawn of civilization people have thought they were more secure than they really were. Babylon once felt so secure behind its massive walls and sturdy gates that its king feasted while the Persian army laid siege to the city. The Persians entered early the next morning by damming the river and wading along the riverbed, right into the city. Our modern digital kingdoms are no different.


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Windows for free? Microsoft toys with service-stuffed 'Windows 8.1 with Bing'

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windows 8.1 with bing

Windows for free? Microsoft toys with service-stuffed 'Windows 8.1 with Bing'

02.28.2014 10:30 AM

The mysterious Windows 8.1 with Bing build that popped up last week is Microsoft's experiment in subsidizing Windows with services, sources say.


Dish apparently wins $1.5 billion spectrum auction, but probably won't be a carrier

02.27.2014 7:50 PM

The H Block auction sold potentially valuable frequencies for funds to build a national public safety network.


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mobile maps driving

California court rules it's OK for drivers to check mobile maps

02.28.2014 2:08 AM

The appeals court went by a strict interpretation of the statute under which the driver was charged

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Know where your mobile data is going? Some apps can tell you

02.28.2014 7:45 AM

Tools to secure mobile devices for personal and business use debuted at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

onedrive logo

Microsoft upgrades iOS version of SkyDrive Pro to OneDrive

02.27.2014 6:37 PM

The upgraded app adopts the product's new name -- OneDrive for Business -- and adds other enhancements.

FTC: Identity theft is the plague of the country

02.27.2014 6:46 PM

The Federal Trade Commission today issued its annual look at what consumers in the United States are complaining about the most.

Intel 730 Series SSD

Intel 730 Series SSD (480GB) review: Good performance and a strong warranty

02.28.2014 10:19 AM

Intel's new 730 series SSD has an enterprise heritage and a long warranty, but its performance is only middle of the pack.

mt gox bitcoin protest

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy with debts of $63.6 million

02.28.2014 9:01 AM

Mt. Gox has filed for bankruptcy, its lawyer told Japanese media at the Tokyo District Court

3 helpful tips to keep your inbox clean

02.28.2014 11:23 AM

These helpful tricks can help you streamline and seize control of your inbox.

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Mobile World Congress wrap-up: 3 big trends from this year's show

02.28.2014 3:30 AM

Our intrepid team of reporters spent the week in Barcelona at the world's biggest mobile trade show, looking at a slew of mobile devices and services. But what topics were on everyone's mind at Mobile World Congress 2014?

Amazon China App store

'Free' apps may be violating EU consumer protection laws

02.27.2014 6:33 PM

EU authorities are expressing concern about 'in-app' purchases, and whether they're truly free.

PCWorld News CEO Benioff says company landing more big deals

02.27.2014 6:40 PM

Former Oracle sales executive Keith Block is having a big impact for, Benioff says