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The Reg Security: Secret US spy court lets Microsoft, Google reveal their petitions [Mon Jul 1 2013]

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*** Security News ***

Facebook slurped phone numbers says Norton
The Social Network promises to behave

Secure phone app library vulnerable
SilentCircle, others need upgrades

Retired 4-star general probed over Stuxnet details leak - report
Marine Corps man under investigation over malware revelations

Facebook fix a bounty boon for researcher
SMS hijack bug worth $US20k

Cisco issues IronPort patch
Vuln exposed systems to remote crash, takeover

Secret US spy court lets Microsoft, Google reveal their petitions
We'll see their pleas to be ungagged, no actual gags will be dropped

Privacy activists sue FBI for access to facial recognition records
Feds ignore FOIA queries about massive biometrics database

Think you're streaming Superman? Think again, punk
Slideshare hit by Man of Steel Spam sign-up scams

Dancing Sepp Blatter on 'World Cup site' creates security flap
Footy kingpin spotted throwing electronically doctored shapes

Opera network cracked
Malware signed with copied certificate

StoreOnce: HP issues patch
Spikes undocumented support account

Report: Android malware up 614% as smartphone scams go industrial
iOS users look smug, but with reason this time

A simple SSL tweak could protect you from GCHQ/NSA snooping
It might slow you down, but hey, you can't have everything

Bank details - PAH! Phishers want your FACEBOOK password
Spam emails? Pff, old hat, dodgy IMs are where it's at now

HP StoreOnce has undocumented backdoor
Secret admin account fail

North and South Korea hit by cyber-blitz on Korean War anniversary
Official Nork portals knocked offline, South Korean prez and PM also

Freed LulzSec hacker banned from contacting Anons, wiping data
Returns to Twitter to plan prison diary, film project

Charlie Miller to tell Vegas punters how to hack your car
Lock up your SUVs, folks

Trend Micro turns RAT catcher as Taiwan cops cuff hacker
Ghost RAT attacks hit thousands on the island...

Privacy expert dismisses PRISM-busting typeface as 'art project'
If you really want unbreakable message security, buy a pigeon

Media phone-hacking? Tip of the iceberg, says leaked police report
Thought the NotW was bad... check out the lawyers, insurers

Home Office launches £4m cyber security awareness scheme
Be afraid. Be judiciously afraid

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Ensure Ease of Recovery with Asigra's Agentless Software
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RSA Conference Europe

Over 70 information security track sessions plus debates and keynotes.
Build your knowledge and further your career.


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Controlling the minds of cockroaches using Microsoft's Xbox Kinect

The Reg: Windows 8.1: Here at last, but is it good enough? Speak your brains [Mon Jul 1 2013]

The Sydney Morning Herald

Controlling the minds of cockroaches using Microsoft's Xbox Kinect

Late last year, you were introduced to real, live, remote-controlled cockroaches. Well, the insect hackers at the North Carolina State University are at it again, this time with a Microsoft Kinect and a software program that can boss the bugs around without human input. In other words, we have successfully co-opted cockroach sovereignty - and given it to the machines.

Top stories

Warning over gamers' headset

Tim Barlass | A headset with four electrodes to zap the brain with a surge of electricity offers to improve computer gamers' response time so they can eliminate more zombies and raid more tombs.

Alien hunter still has stars in her eyes

Dr Jill Tarter at the Sydney Observatory.
NICKY PHILLIPS | For most of her career, astronomer Jill Tarter has been waiting for an important call.

Toss-up: apps for streaming iPhone media

Adam Turner 1:01pm | We test two apps for streaming iPhone media.

BlackBerry's renaissance may take a while longer

Setback ... RIM CEO Thorsten Heins.
Ian Austen 3:36pm | BlackBerry has not yet turned around its fortunes. Just the opposite.

Help is on its way with life-saving apps

Hit the button: The app  can dial triple-0.
Jenneth Orantia 12:16pm | You can transform your smartphone into a panic button in your pocket, writes Jenneth Orantia.

Snowden: The geek turned Deep Throat

Edward Snowden turned over masses of secret information.
3:55pm | Hunted as a US traitor and at the center of a diplomatic row, Edward Snowden got off to a less spectacular start in life: he is a self-confessed geek and high school dropout.

Top apps for personal finance

Jenneth Orantia 2:56pm | We list some top apps for personal finance.

Grid 2: Deserves popularity

Grid 2
Jason Hill 10:02am | In Grid 2, it's all about the fans....

Update your wardrobe for the post-Edward Snowden era

stealth wear
Jenna Wortham 10:51am | These garments are designed to empower the wearer to control their identity and shield them from creeps, spies and Google Glass.

War over latest app off the rank

Ned Moorfield and Andrew Campbell, co-founders of GoCatch a new taxi app.
EAMONN DUFF | Two Sydney entrepreneurs are locked in an escalating war with the NSW taxi industry over a revolutionary smartphone app that ensures passengers are never again left waiting for the cab that never turns up.

Attack of the clones

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom talks about an added video feature to the Instagram program at Facebook headquarters.
Farhad Manjoo | Instagram's new feature is just a rehash of Vine - and another bad omen for Silicon Valley innovation.

The game console becomes the new tech battle ground

Ryan Vogt 2:36pm | With Google getting into the console business,and Apple getting back into it, we're in for a bloodier war than anyone expected.

Security researcher earns $20,000 for uncovering major Facebook bug

The bug exploited a weakness in Facebook's mobile verification procedures.
3:54pm | A British security researcher recently uncovered a bug allowing him to take over someone else's Facebook account via text message, a vulnerability that could have compromised millions of profiles. The researcher reported it to Facebook and earned a $20,000 reward from the company.

Google reveals new London 'groundscraper' HQ

The area in red has been set aside for Google's proposed new London HQ.
3:55pm | Google has revealed that its new UK headquarters is a building longer than the Shard skyscraper is tall.

Retired general suspected of Stuxnet leak: report

Gen. James Cartwright has been accused of leaking to the media details of the Stuxnet virus which targeted Iranian nuclear processing facilities.
3:55pm | Retired Marine General James Cartwright is under federal investigation for potentially leaking details about the Stuxnet virus to the media, according to a report.

Victoria upgrading security to plug cabinet cyber leaks

Generic cyber leaks.
Henrietta Cook | The Victorian government is on a mission to plug security leaks and will upgrade ageing IT systems that pose a 'significant security threat' to cabinet documents.

EU enraged as Snowden reveals evidence of mass hacking by US

PAUL MCGEOUGH 6:40am | Washington's efforts to contain fallout from the Snowden espionage debacle unravelled dramatically on Sunday as the EU and individual European governments nations were revealed as targets of industrial-scale American snooping.

So what are they app to?

Adam Turner | Microsoft and Apple are both pushing into enemy territory as they unveil office suites to run on each other's devices.



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Facebook slurped phone numbers says Norton

The Social Network promises to behave

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Daily Digest Coolest Gadgets for 06/30/2013

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Coolest Gadgets

Jun 30, 2013 06:00 am | Edwin

Sceptre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1

When someone mentions the name "Sceptre", what comes into your mind? I am quite sure that many of us are well acquainted with Sceptre's range of LED TVs that deliver plenty of bang for your hard earned buck, and this has somewhat raised the confidence of the general cost conscious populace in this relative newcomer to the home theater/audio visual arena. This time around, the folks over at Sceptre has something slightly different for us as your eyes would not be the ones entertained, but rather, your auditory canals, in the form of the Sceptre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1.

The Sceptre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1 will boast of a built-in subwoofer, in addition to being powered by Google's Android operating system while sporting Wi-Fi connectivity so that your run-of-the-mill HDTV can be "transformed" into a smart TV of sorts, thanks to the wonders of plug and play technology. I suppose the total cost of ownership for a smart TV has now been lowered across the board with this Sceptre offering, although it should not come with a similar level of integrated performance as Samsung or LG's own range of dedicated Smart TVs. Still, something is better than nothing, right?

With the inclusion of Android's interactive media operating system, you should be able to take advantage of the perfect entertainment atmosphere, as you are now able to access the Google Play Store, where the doors have been opened for you to download thousands of songs, games, movies and apps to add to your TV viewing experience. Something tells me that Angry Birds are going to see a spike of downloads and installations in the days and weeks ahead, if the Sceptre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1 sees a large number of sales.

Features of the $299.99 Sceptre SB301524W Sound Bar 2.include a 35W subwoofer with passive radiator, SRS WOW HD audio technology, dual front facing speakers, a trendy touch sensor control panel, and an optional smart remote control which is capable of offering a navigational experience which is on par with that of a traditional mouse and keyboard. Any one of our dear readers are interested in this bad boy?

Press Release
[ Sceptre SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1 copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Jun 30, 2013 05:00 am | Edwin

Switch Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to portable speakers – let alone Bluetooth enabled ones, these are dime a dozen in the market. The thing is, how does a manufacturer ensure that what they have on offer will be very different from the other offerings, so much so that folks would not hesitate to purchase and recommend your device compared to the rest? Take the £119.99 Switch Bluetooth Speaker for instance, as it comes in a choice of black and red shades.

The Switch Bluetooth Speaker would come in a clean, functional design that boasts of high-quality audio in addition to carrying an abundance of useful hidden extras, making it a truly versatile wireless speaker for plenty of occasions. The built-in battery is capable of lasting for the entire day, where you get up to 14 hours of non-stop playback on a full battery charge. Not only that, the Switch Bluetooth Speaker boasts of VoIP capabilities, allowing the unit to function as your very own conference call hub. Should you be a movie buff instead, the Switch Bluetooth Speaker ensures that your ears are in for a real treat, delivering high performance bass and a sub-woofer that ought to send chills down your spine. Not only that, the Switch Bluetooth Speaker also doubles up as a portable battery charger – as long as the thirsty devices of yours can be juiced up via USB, that is.
[ Switch Bluetooth Speaker copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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Xentry transforms smartphone into electronic door caller display
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