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Ten Mac freeware apps for your new Apple baby [Mon Dec 1 2014]

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1 December 2014

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Internet Security Threat Report 2014
An overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity: identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in the dynamic threat landscape.
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Business News

Data Centre News

Blackout Saturday: Oracle website DIES after mammoth US shopping binge

Mysterious 'technical difficulty' causes service to go titsup

Hardware News

Thought tab sales were in the toilet this year? Hah! Wait for next

Global market forecast to decline 3.5 per cent to 185 million

Networks News

NBN Co details fibre/copper divide in new rollout plan

These are the places NBN Co promises - probably - to get something working by 2016

Internet Security Threat Report 2014
An overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity: identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in the dynamic threat landscape.
Download here >

Security News

IETF takes rifle off wall, grabs RC4 cipher's collar, goes behind shed

Vulnerable cipher is about to go to crypto heaven

Software News

systemd row ends with Debian getting forked

Greybeards vs. Gnomes fight sees creation of new 'Devuan' distro

Science News

Bootnotes News

Holy sh*t! Amsterdam man in pop-up public toilet shock horror

RoTM Go home UriLift loo, YOU'RE DRUNK!

Internet Security Threat Report 2014
An overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity: identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in the dynamic threat landscape.
Download here >

Sony films leak online in wake of hack

Sony's e-paper smartwatch prototype has been hiding in plain sight

The Sydney Morning Herald

Sony films leak online in wake of hack

Several of Sony Pictures' big upcoming movies have leaked and are being distributed online, in a development believed to be linked to last week's hack into the film studio's computer systems.

Top stories

NBN Co announces first rollout map for Coalition's multi-technology NBN

NBN Co. wants to connect 1.9 million premises in the next 19 months.
HANNAH FRANCIS | NBN Co has published an ambitious new schedule for rolling out the broadband network, ahead of final negotiations with Telstra.

HFC suburbs still in NBN no man's land

If HFC pay TV cable runs through your suburb then you're still last in line for the NBN.
ADAM TURNER 11:03am | The next phase of the NBN rollout still doesn't bring pay TV cables into the mix.

Thrill-seeking stunts elicit drone safety concerns

Fancy flyer.
BEN GRUBB 2:05pm | Drones are being used widely for many good reasons, but they are also a favourite tool for more unruly groups - pranksters and troublemakers.

Sony hires Mandiant to clean up after cyber attack, FBI starts probe

Sony's film unit has been the target of a crippling cyber attack.
12:56pm | Sony Pictures Entertainment has hired FireEye's Mandiant forensics unit to clean up a massive cyber attack that knocked out the studio's computer network.

Australian science and innovation in six charts

The science of food flavours (Thumbnail)
Nicky Phillips and Conrad Walters 9:15am | Australians take pride in being a competitive nation, but this is one game we're losing.

Australia's STEM performance mediocre: economy will suffer

NICKY PHILLIPS | Australia's economy will suffer and job opportunities will be lost if the country doesn't lift its mediocre performance, expert says.

Queensland government 'blame shifting' on health payroll: IBM

10:59am | The Queensland government is attempting to rewrite history by launching legal action against IBM over the failed health payroll system, the tech giant says.

Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved review

Conjuring character: The sorcerer, Yensid, plays a key role in the slow (and mandatory) story mode in the otherwise very refereshing <i>Music Evolved</i>.
James 'DexX' Dominguez 7:40am | Disney's attempt to capture the essence of its experimental film, Fantasia, in a video game is deeply strange, but somehow it works.

Facebook posts on Vegas poker trip lead to $340,000 defamation payout

Nicholas Polias, far right, with his legal team, including Sue Chrysanthou, far left, and Bridgette Regener.
LOUISE HALL | A poker player has been awarded $340,000 in damages after suing four of his friends for defamation.

School students show hairspray keeps Christmas trees alive longest

Getting it right: Students Emily Scarlis 11, Lilla Szentmariay, 13, and Madison Dixon, 12, working on their study.
NICKY PHILLIPS | Scientist sets challenge for year 7 girls.

The ordinary men and women who become the avatars of millions

Carl Nilsson-Polias poses for a portrait with fellow staff members holding his 'famous' profile picture to their face.
John Bailey | These days anyone can Google a generic profile picture and pass it off as their own. But what does this mean for those of us who have had our faces stolen?



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detail 355 feswatch flatmodule

Sony's e-paper smartwatch prototype has been hiding in plain sight

11.29.2014 4:59 PM

The group inside Sony that developed the watch featured it in a crowdfunding project, according to the Wall Street Journal.


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