Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How the Sony attack grew from a nuisance to a firestorm

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11 hilarious, brutally devious ways game developers punish pirates

The Sydney Morning Herald

How the Sony attack grew from a nuisance to a firestorm

When Sony Pictures was taken offline in November and employees were made to work with Blackberrys and old pre-internet machines, they had no idea the worst was yet to come.

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stop piracy

11 hilarious, brutally devious ways game developers punish pirates

12.31.2014 6:56 AM

The Sims 4's encroaching pixelization is the latest in a long line of hilarious anti-piracy efforts.

samsung ativ one 7 curved

Samsung announces Ativ One 7 Curved, its first desktop PC, with yes, a curved screen

12.30.2014 12:15 PM

The Ativ One 7 Curved and its special display will start at $1,299. The company also announced several laptops on Tuesday.


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The best Android apps of 2014

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Your phone just isn't complete if you haven't tried out these apps yet.

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The year in tech: 2014's 13 biggest fails, flops, and faux pas

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For these companies, it was just the worst of times.

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Samsung's Milk VR app brings the virtual reality promise ever closer with full-motion video

12.30.2014 11:52 AM

“This. I want to see more of this,” Hayden Dingman wrote, after seeing a full-motion video VR demo earlier this year. Well, now it's here, for Gear VR users anyway--one tantalizing step closer to real-life experience.

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The greatest tech wins and epic comebacks of 2014

12.31.2014 3:00 AM

From gigantic smartphones to virtual reality, here are the products, companies and ideas that emerged victorious in the tech world this year.

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New tool lets Chromebooks run Linux in a desktop window

12.31.2014 7:48 AM

So much for the old 'Chromebook are useless offline' meme.

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Cue the outrage: How our favorite social networks failed us in 2014

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From Facebook's psychological experiments to Foursquare's check-in drama, social media made us furious this year.

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LG reveals the first ultrawide gaming display with AMD FreeSync support

12.31.2014 8:52 AM

An ultrawide field of view AND no image stuttering or screen tearing. Yep, this display was made with gamers in mind.

Elite: Dangerous 1.0

Space simulators and worlds at war: The state of MMO PC games in 2014

12.31.2014 8:56 AM

2014 saw the release of four major MMOs, an MMO alpha, and a ton of expansions for legacy games. Now what were you saying about MMOs being a dead genre?

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