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The Reg HPC: Sixteen hot students, 3 kilowatts, $29k in CASH: It' s cluster combat, China style [Thu May 1 2014]

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Boffins build billion-synapse, three-watt 'brain'
Neural simulation might just be the future of fast, green computing

A top-notch supercomputer can beat humans at many things, but they're
also energy hogs – which is one reason so much work goes into neural
simulation as the basis for computers. Now, Stanford scientists have
demonstrated a neural simulation which they say has a million neurons,
multi-billion synapse connections – and runs on just three watts.


Junior gurus go gung-ho in Guangzhou: Meet the students putting a boot
in clusters' thrusters
Today, it's ASC14, tomorrow, your supercomputer

That question everyone is asking: who are the undergrads competing for
cluster-building glory at the Asian Student Supercomputer Challenge
(ASC14) in Guangzhou this week? It's a mixed slate of former cluster
competition champions, wannabes, and newbies from almost every
continent on Earth.

First, make sure you're up to speed on what exactly happens in a
cluster-building contest (it's exactly what you think it is). Second,
let's first check out the nine universities from the home country,


Sixteen hot students, 3 kilowatts, $29k in CASH: It's cluster combat,
China style
Biggest student cluster clash yet

We're in Guangzhou, China, for the final round of the largest student
cluster competition in the world. And to make it even more tense,
there's nearly $28k up for grabs...

The third annual Asian Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC14) features
sixteen university-backed teams from around the globe, competing to see
which team can wring the most HPC performance out of a 3kW power



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Intermittent app behaviour is exhausting your smartphone

The Reg: Google forges a Silver bullet for Android, aims it at Samsung's heart [Thu May 1 2014]

The Sydney Morning Herald

Intermittent app behaviour is exhausting your smartphone

We take a look at the worst offending apps when it comes to draining your smartphone battery.

Top stories

Uber snubs NSW government

Uber Sydney general manager David Rohrsheim.
BEN GRUBB 1:25pm | Uber will continue to offer low cost "ride-sharing" services despite the NSW government's view that it is against the law.

Bionic eye trial gives hope to blind.

BRIDIE SMITH | A prototype bionic eye is shaping up as a breakthrough for blind patients.

Facebook lets users limit data shared with third-party apps

11:57am | Facebook has introduced new features that let users limit how much personal information they share with third-party mobile apps.

Australian scientist regrows monkey's heart with stem cells

A Sydney Uni scientist has leg the first team in the world to regrow part of the heart of a living animal.
NICKY PHILLIPS | A Sydney Uni scientist has led the first team in the world to regrow part of the heart of a living animal with heart disease using stem cells.

Victoria, NSW at odds over ride-sharing via Uber app

Ben Grubb and Jacob Saulwick 9:05pm | Motorists offering ride-sharing services using taxi apps face fines in NSW, but the apps could be approved for use in Victoria.

I'm wearing Google Glass - I hate it

Hayley Tsukayama was prepared for the glasses to be buggy, and maybe even cause tension headaches. But what she wasn't prepared for was the attention.

History won't repeat itself: Vodafone

Vodafone Australia's new chief executive says network problems won't resurface.
BEN GRUBB | Vodafone says there is "no way" history will repeat itself when it comes to the network problems the telco faced in 2010.

Human brains as software

Sci-fi author William Gibson.
Andrew Masterson | Sometimes the tenets of technology and articles of faith are damned difficult to distinguish.

Far-off planet in a spin

Spinning around: An artist's impression of the planet Beta Pictoris b.
12:25pm | Scientists have for the first time measured the rotation of a planet in another solar system - a juvenile, gassy giant spinning at a breakneck 90,000 km/h.

HTC One M8 fit for social media

The HTC One M8 shines among Androids.
KATIE CINCOTTA | Nobody wants a smartphone that answers calls any more; that’s just a bonus.

Google prepares to release Project Ara smartphones

The new phone is part of Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt's plan to connect ''the next 5 billion people''.
ADAM TURNER | Rather than shop around for your perfect smartphone, you'll soon be able to build your own.

Traveller's best friend

Mac Man takes a picture of one of the Elgin marbles in the British Museum. Picture taken with an iPad Air.
Garry Barker | I have always admired Phileas Fogg, that fictional chap created in 1873 who won a wager of £20,000 by toddling around the world in 80 days.

Julie Shiel photography: When the sum of worthless parts is priceless art

Photographer Julie Shiel sees discarded objects in a new light.
Terry Lane | Creativity, it is said, is the ability to bring together two familiar objects in such a way that they create one new, surprising and delightful work of art.


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Strength: Breast cancer campaigner Marina McDonald.
Canon proposes remedy for photo fatigue
SONY a6000.
SONY a6000 compact system camera review
New tricks: technology chiefs and departments must come up with innovative ways to solve business problems.
Chief information officers must innovate to stay relevant


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