Friday, November 13, 2015

iPad Pro release date, Steam's £40 PS4 alternative and Samsung's Galaxy 7 to double the speed of its predecessor 

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Apple iPad Pro release date revealed

After what feels like months of waiting, it seems the iPad Pro is about to go on sale, with a reported release date of 13 November. It's the iPad we've always wanted, and it certainly looks set to trouble Microsoft's excellent Surface.

Big US retailer Sam’s Club started taking pre-orders for the larger iPad, listing a release date of 13 November. We knew the iPad Pro was likely to start flying out around this time, but until now many rumours were pointing towards an 11 November release.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 will be 2x the speed of the S6

It’ll be 2016 by the time we see the Samsung Galaxy S7, but as it's expected to be almost 50 per cent faster than the S6, maybe it’ll be worth the wait.  

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Steam Link is the £40 alternative to a PS4

Trying to cram a gaming rig under your TV is no fun. Steam Link could prove an attractive alternative to both this and getting hold of a PS4. And it costs just £40.  

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