Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Tech News Flash: Tuesday -- October 6, 2015

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Adobe Lays Out a Feast at Its MAX Picnic
Slackel Linux: Not Your Father's Slackware
Facebook, Eutelsat to Use Satellites to Spread Net Across Sub-Saharan Africa
Another Day, Another Billion Android Users at Risk
So What's Really the Best Smartphone?

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Today's Story Highlights

Adobe Lays Out a Feast at Its MAX Picnic
Adobe raised the curtain on two mobile apps and a basket of product
upgrades at its MAX conference in Los Angeles. Both new apps --
Photoshop Fix and Capture CC -- are free, but they initially will be
available only to users of Apple's mobile devices. Photoshop Fix
includes some commonly used Photoshop features -- exposure, contrast and
saturation control, as well as object and blemish removal.

Slackel Linux: Not Your Father's Slackware
Slackel is a Linux distro a step away from the mainstream Debian-based
Linux OS line. It is based on Slackware and Salix. Users already
familiar with that lineage are more inclined to like Slackel. Slackel
offers a few advantages not usually found with the Slackware Linux
lineup. The main difference is that its repository includes the current
version of Slackware and the latest version of KDE.

Facebook, Eutelsat to Use Satellites to Spread Net Across Sub-Saharan Africa
Facebook and Eutelsat have entered a partnership to leverage satellite
technology to provide Internet access to remote parts of sub-Saharan
Africa. The initiative, which includes a multiyear agreement with
Spacecom, will utilize the entire broadband payload on the future AMOS-6
satellite as the backbone of a dedicated system that will include
satellite capacity, gateways and terminals.

Another Day, Another Billion Android Users at Risk
Google on Monday released an over-the-air update for Nexus devices,
which includes patches for the latest Stagefright vulnerabilities and
other flaws. Android's Stagefright media processing feature, which
recently imperiled 1 billion devices around the world, was once again
putting them at risk, Zimperium revealed last week. Zimperium found two
new vulnerabilities.

So What's Really the Best Smartphone?
The best smartphone on the market is the iPhone, right? That is the
conventional wisdom. However, if I were to ask about the best shoes,
shirt, car, boat or TV, the answers likely would be all over the map.
When it comes to cars, for instance, I personally favor convertibles
because they remind me of my youth when I could ride a motorcycle
without a helmet, and they are just more fun.

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