Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Tech News Flash: Tuesday -- October 27, 2015

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Apple Fans to Get Their Hands on New Apple TV This Week
Google Pushes Transparency for SSL Certificates
Plasma 5 Powers KaOS Productivity
Google Views Itself Through Machine Learning Lens
Why Dell-EMC Won't Follow in HP-Compaq's Footsteps

Today's Story Highlights

Apple Fans to Get Their Hands on New Apple TV This Week
Apple on Monday opened up advanced orders for the next generation of
Apple TV. The set-top boxes are expected to hit homes between Oct. 30
and Nov. 3. It's offering two versions: A 32-GB version is priced at
$149 and a 64-GB model is $50 more. With Apple TV losing ground to
newcomers to the streaming hardware market, the company has given its
set-top box a booster shot: a syringe containing Siri.

Google Pushes Transparency for SSL Certificates
The padlock on a browser's address bar is supposed to give Net travelers
some security in insecure virtual space, but some dangerous flaws lurk
behind the padlock. They can weaken the effectiveness of encrypted
Internet connections and compromise TLS/SSL processes, including domain
validation, end-to-end encryption, and the chains of trust certificate
authorities have put in place, Google said.

Plasma 5 Powers KaOS Productivity
KaOS is an efficient Linux distribution built around a refined KDE
desktop environment that just keeps getting better. The KDE integration
is more controlled than other Linux choices. I reviewed this distro last
year, and I was impressed then with the solid performance of KaOS. The
latest version takes it a step further, adding a calming, cleaner look
and feel to the user interface.

Google Views Itself Through Machine Learning Lens
Google CEO Sundar Pichai last week lit up his first earnings call with
accounts of a solid third quarter and machine learning dreams that could
permeate all the company's products. As the call drew to a close,
investors asked about the vision for machine learning. Google has been
rethinking everything it has been doing, and doing so through the
transformative field of machine learning, he said.

Why Dell-EMC Won't Follow in HP-Compaq's Footsteps
Why do some big mergers succeed while others fail? This seems to be a
common question, and some of the research I've read about the Dell-EMC
merger tries to connect it to the HP-Compaq merger, which apparently
cost Carly Fiorina her job. I covered the HP-Compaq merger at length,
and I was not a fan. I actually spoke to Compaq's CEO and argued he
should pull out to save his firm.

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