Friday, October 16, 2015

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Tech News Flash: Friday -- October 16, 2015

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Yahoo's New Email App Dumps Passwords
EU Court Decision Threatens US Cloud Dominance
Tesla's Autopilot Drifts Toward Driverless Cars
ONOS Project Gets Linux Foundation Bump
HP, 3M to Shield Laptop Screens From Visual Hacking
Facebook Sets New Lures for Video Viewers

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Today's Story Highlights

Yahoo's New Email App Dumps Passwords
Yahoo on Thursday announced a password-free Yahoo Mail app that can
manage email accounts from, Hotmail and AOL Mail. There was
no mention of syncing with Gmail or Apple's iCloud Mail. Yahoo has been
working to improve email security in the wake of repeated hacks of the
service over the years, the most prominent a password theft that
occurred early last year.

EU Court Decision Threatens US Cloud Dominance
Edward Snowden's legacy gained another chapter last week when the
European Court of Justice rejected an agreement that created a Safe
Harbor for U.S. companies handling personal data of overseas citizens.
In essence, the agreement provided that a U.S. company's word that it
had adequate privacy safeguards in place was all that was needed to
permit overseas personal data transfers.

Tesla's Autopilot Drifts Toward Driverless Cars
Tesla Motors on Wednesday introduced an autopilot system featuring Tesla
version 7.0 software that could aid drivers in finding parking spots,
making lane changes, and watching for blind spots on the road. The
system is not designed to do the driving just yet, but it could help
relieve drivers in the most tedious and thus potentially dangerous
aspects of road travel.

ONOS Project Gets Linux Foundation Bump
The Linux Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with ON.Lab
and its ONOS project community to develop open source network services.
They will build infrastructure for software-defined networking and
network function virtualization technology. The foundation will provide
its global reach, experience and infrastructure to seed ONOS' growing

HP, 3M to Shield Laptop Screens From Visual Hacking
HP and 3M are collaborating on privacy screens to protect notebook PCs
from visual hacking. "3M is developing an innovative light-enhancement
film that can be incorporated into a system that enables light to be
directed to other viewers when you want information sharing, and away
from onlookers when you need private viewing," 3M spokesperson Jessica
Walton said.

Facebook Sets New Lures for Video Viewers
Facebook on Tuesday revealed it's experimenting with making video clips
easier for users to find in its mobile and desktop applications. In
coming days, a limited number of users will see the new format. "We look
forward to seeing how people use it to discover, watch and share videos
with their friends," said Will Cathcart, vice president of product
management at Facebook.

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