Friday, October 30, 2015

Node Knockout and more

Modulus Newsletter Issue #19
Friday, October 30, 2015

Today we are pleased to send out the nineteenth issue of our monthly newsletter. We’ve taken some of our favorite reads, discussions, and podcasts and aggregated them in one place. We would love to hear your feedback and if you want to have something included in the newsletter please feel free to reach out to us.


Node Knockout Hosting Provider

We are officially one week away from Node Knockout 2015! What is Node Knockout? NKO is a 48-hour virtual hackathon featuring node.js. This year marks the fifth ever NKO competition. Modulus is proud to be a platinum sponsor and the hosting provider for the largest node.js programming competition in the world....Learn More

Node.js Security Checklist

Security - the elephant in the room. Everyone agrees that it is very important but few take it seriously. We at RisingStack want you to do it right - this is why we have put together this checklist to help you guide through the must have security checks before your application is enabled to thousands of users/customers.....Learn More

What is PaaS?

The recent explosion of public cloud services has made a dramatic impact across all fields in the IT industry. No one involved in this field can afford to ignore the trends and features that the cloud brings, all of which promise to continue to upend our industry for the foreseeable future.....Learn More

TechnologyAdvice/ DevLab

DevLab is a utility that allows you to easily containerize your development workflow using Docker. Simply put; it's like having a cleanroom for all of your development processes which contains services (like databases) without needing to setup and maintain these environments manually.....Learn More

How Fast is Fast Enough?

One of the primary goal of DevOps is the ability of an organization to bring an idea to market faster. But how fast is fast enough? Do they need to improve time to market by 10%, 20%, 50%..90%? Do all applications need to ultimately be released within hours? In order to compete do we all have to be the Etsy or the Netflix’s of the world?.....Learn More

JavaScript: The Perfect Language for the Internet of Things

JavaScript: Love it or hate it, it’s a popular programming language for many, mainly because it’s so incredibly easy to learn. And if you’re a web developer, it’s almost a requirement of the job to have a working knowledge of JavaScript.....Learn More

Featured Partner

Featured Partner: Meteor Toys 2

Everyone loves their Toys, but as we all know, toys get old and then we want new toys again. Today, I hope to give you enough new toys to last until Christmas. In combination with other new features, they take Meteor Toys to a completely new place.....Learn More

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