Friday, October 9, 2015

Bang & Olufsen's game-changing new home speakers, R.I.P. the PS3, and Lexsus put the car in cardboard

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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 is the most powerful home speaker ever made

It's Bang & Olufsen's 90th birthday, so how has the Danish firm decided to celebrate? By making a ludicrously massive, pricey speaker of course.

It's called the BeoLab 90, and it's the most powerful digital loudspeaker ever created for use in the home.

This being Bang & Olufsen, it's not enough to just go for volume, of course. Take a look...

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10 ways the PS3 changed gaming forever 

Just short of its 10th birthday, the Sony PlayStation 3 is dead, but it's been a magnificent nine years.

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Lexus makes a working car out of cardboard

Warning: do not drive this in the rain. That's because it's made almost completely from cardboard. 

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