Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Next Generation Threat Protection Challenge

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More sophisticated hackers are causing major headaches for enterprises. They have developed advanced techniques to get by the perimeter defense and slowly unfold their attacks deep within the enterprise. CSOs need to respond and put in defenses so they don't end up being the new victims creating negative headlines.

The question is, "What is required to stop the hackers?" The Challenge hosts a lively debate on the role of vendor research, sandboxing and what the next generation of threat protection solutions must incorporate to be effective. The discussion will help you understand what is required from a top-notch solution to stop the hackers and answer the question: "Which next generation advanced threat protection solution is right for my enterprise?"

I have assembled four leading security vendors to shed light on the issues and solutions. Cisco, Damballa, Fortinet and HP help you understand the challenges you face. Attend this "conference session on paper" and learn the views of group experts on meeting the challenges of protecting your enterprise.

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