Thursday, October 22, 2015

What it's like to be Australia's top tech talent

23 October 2015
The Sydney Morning Herald
What it's like to be Australia's top tech talent

They're highly mobile, highly sought after, and tend to "upskill" off their own bat. The ball is most definitely in their court.

What Sony employees were shown last year.
Sony to pay up to $11 million as part of hacking lawsuit settlement

Company reaches a settlement with current and former employees, agreeing to pay up to $11m to reimburse them.

CIA Director John Brennan has reportedly had his personal email account compromised.
FBI probes claim that hacker broke into CIA director John Brennan's private AOL email account

FBI investigates claims hacker stole potentially sensitive files from the private AOL email account of CIA director.

StartupWeek Sydney will include conferences, keynotes and hackathons.
StartupWeek Sydney readies for launch

StartupWeek Sydney 2015 starts on Friday, and 5000 people are expected to attend more than 50 events to celebrate and strengthen the city's thriving start-up community.

Centrelink blocks 60,000 calls a day, blames smartphone apps

Centrelink blocked 22m phone calls last year, with smartphone apps blamed for inflating the figures.

University of Wisconsin-Madison's licensing arm successfully argued that Apple used its patent in its A7 and A8 processors in the iPhone and iPad without permission.
Apple hit with $322 million bill in patent dispute over iPhone, iPad chip

Apple has been told to pay $322m to the University of Wisconsin-Madison's licensing arm for infringing the school's patent on microprocessor technology.

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