Saturday, October 3, 2015

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Tech News Flash: Saturday -- October 3, 2015

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Gadget Ogling: Eyes on Google
El Capitan Boosts Mac Speed, Productivity
Nest Labs Opens Door to 3rd-Party Devs
XOR Trojan Threatens Linux Networks
Apple Trumpets New Privacy Policy
Logitech Adds Portability to Home Monitoring

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Today's Story Highlights

Gadget Ogling: Eyes on Google
Chromecast helps people easily stream whatever they want through their
TV via a simple dongle. Now Google's adding a splash of color to the
device, along with a string of new features. Instead of resembling a USB
stick, Chromecast 2 is more like a colorful button, and Google says it
is easier to plug into an HDMI slot. Also, it apparently can stream
videos faster and with less buffering.

El Capitan Boosts Mac Speed, Productivity
Improved performance and some app enhancements to boost productivity
highlight the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system, OS X
10.11 El Capitan. Apple has made El Capitan available for download to
its users from the Mac App Store. "Basic operations were just quicker,
and Apple did a lot of work under the hood," said Patrick Moorhead,
principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

Nest Labs Opens Door to 3rd-Party Devs
Nest Labs on Thursday said it would open its communications platform to
third-party developers for the first time, which will allow outside home
device makers to set up products that communicate directly with Nest
products. Nest announced an update to its Nest Weave communications
protocol that will allow outside developers to link other home devices
to its own.

XOR Trojan Threatens Linux Networks
Researchers for the Security Intelligence Response Team at Akamai on
Tuesday issued a high-risk threat advisory for XOR DDoS proliferation.
The XOR DDoS Trojan is used to hijack Linux servers to build a botnet
for distributed denial-of-service attacks with SYN and DNS floods,
researchers tracking the malware said. The massive Linux-based botnet
can take down websites under a flood of DDoS traffic.

Apple Trumpets New Privacy Policy
Apple has updated its privacy policy with new information regarding
features in iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. The company attempts to set
itself apart from rivals by noting that it doesn't build profiles about
its customers to sell to advertisers. For example, unlike Google Maps,
which tracks a user's journey end to end, Apple Maps separates data
about users' trips into segments that are not linked.

Logitech Adds Portability to Home Monitoring
Logitech on Wednesday announced a new monitoring system that links users
to live feeds of their homes via an app. Called "Logi Circle," it picks
up Nest's Dropcam model and expands it with mobility. On one end of the
system is the app, available for both Android and iOS, which lets
consumers view high-definition camera feeds live. On the other end is a
portable camera, the size of a webcam.

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