Saturday, October 24, 2015

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Tech News Flash: Saturday -- October 24, 2015

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Headline Scan
Gadget Ogling: A Deluxe Dock, a Crafty Computer, and a T-rific Tablet Stand
Digital Assistants Sap Drivers' Attention
TalkTalk Attacked, Hit With Ransom Demand
Researcher's Demo Sheds Doubt on Fitbit Security
MuseScore Can Turn Songwriters Into Maestros

Today's Story Highlights

Gadget Ogling: A Deluxe Dock, a Crafty Computer, and a T-rific Tablet Stand
Beddi is an alarm clock smartphone dock that has a few tricks to elevate
it above others of its ilk. The system, from Witti, works with both iOS
and Android devices, which you place on top and recharge with your own
cable. Two things are really interesting: the price and the programmable
buttons. As for the latter, that means using Bluetooth to pair your
smartphone with Beddi's companion app.

Digital Assistants Sap Drivers' Attention
Up to 27 seconds of residual distraction trails use of digital assistant
software and infotainment systems in automobiles, the University of Utah
reported Thursday. The report follows a similar set of studies done last
year that concluded that infotainment systems distract drivers. This
time, researchers looked at the aftereffects of driving while using
infotainment systems and digital assistants.

TalkTalk Attacked, Hit With Ransom Demand
TalkTalk on Thursday announced that it received a ransom demand
following a cyberattack that may have compromised the credit card and
bank details of millions of customers. "TalkTalk constantly updates its
systems to make sure they are as secure as possible against the rapidly
evolving threat of cybercrime, impacting an increasing number of
individuals and organizations," CEO Dido Harding said.

Researcher's Demo Sheds Doubt on Fitbit Security
Fortinet security researcher Axelle Apvrille demonstrated Wednesday in a
presentation at the conference in Luxembourg. Apvrille showed
how it was possible to access a Fitbit's Bluetooth connection and, in a
mere 10 seconds, infect it with a malicious packet that later could be
used to infect a PC, a feat she demoed earlier this month at a hacker
conference in Budapest.

MuseScore Can Turn Songwriters Into Maestros
MuseScore is a complete tool to help musicians and songwriters write
musical scores, play them back and print the sheet music. It is
available in a variety of Linux distro packages and comes in versions
for Windows and OS X. It is fully open source software licensed under
GNU GPL. The user interface is similar to a word processor or text
editor for entering notes on a blank score sheet.

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