Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Tech News Flash: Thursday -- October 22, 2015

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Headline Scan
Magic Leap: Now You See It
Surface Book Evokes Oohs, Ahhs and Sticker Shock
System 76 Unleashes Wild Dog Pro
Global Attacks on Mobile Networks Jeopardize Privacy, Profits
Amazon, NYT Revive Workplace Culture Brouhaha
MIT Machine Does Big Data Analysis the Human Way
Liquid Lemur Linux Floats Fluid Desktop Design

Today's Story Highlights

Magic Leap: Now You See It
There are no special effects in the augmented reality demo it shared on
Tuesday, Magic Leap said. The video, which shows imaginary objects
blended into a real-world setting, was shot using Magic Leap's augmented
reality technology, the company proclaimed. Details about Magic Leap's
AR headset have been sparse thus far, but CEO Rony Abovitz dropped a bit
more this week.

Surface Book Evokes Oohs, Ahhs and Sticker Shock
Many reviewers have responded to the preproduction version of
Microsoft's Surface Book the way an average Joe would view a top-of-the-
line luxury car: The features are great, but the price is daunting.
"Overall, we recommend it, especially to people who value performance,
design and battery life above all else, and are willing to pay dearly
for it," remarked reviewer Dana Wollman.

System 76 Unleashes Wild Dog Pro
System 76 has announced its latest desktop release, Wild Dog Pro, with a
range of high-end customizable configurations to enhance video editing
and media creation, software engineering, CAD, and high-end performance
for demanding games. It comes preinstalled with Ubuntu 15.10, and the
default desktop environment is Unity. However, users can install other
Linux distros and desktop environments.

Global Attacks on Mobile Networks Jeopardize Privacy, Profits
Bad actors are exploiting an obscure technology found in
telecommunications networks around the world to track mobile users and
engage in fraud, and they could be costing carriers millions of dollars
in lost revenues. Compromise of the technology, called "SS7," can cause
significant damage to the reputation and finances of carriers around the
world, AdaptiveMobile noted.

Amazon, NYT Revive Workplace Culture Brouhaha
Amazon and The New York Times this week engaged in a rehash of their
dispute over the publication this summer of a story that describes harsh
working conditions at the company. NYT reporter Jodi Kantor misled
Amazon, alleged spokesperson Jay Carney, as she failed to challenge the
credibility of former Amazon employees whose negative comments formed
the backbone of the story.

MIT Machine Does Big Data Analysis the Human Way
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last week
announced they had developed an algorithmic system to analyze big data
that eventually might replace humans. The system, called the "Data
Science Machine," designs the feature set and searches for patterns in
big data. The DSM's first prototype was 96 percent as accurate as the
winning submission by a human team in one competition to find predictive
patterns in unfamiliar data sets.

Liquid Lemur Linux Floats Fluid Desktop Design
Liquid Lemur offers a new twist on the usual Linux desktop environment
experience. Developer Edward Snyder recently released the second alpha
version of Liquid Lemur Linux 2.0. It offers a hybrid desktop experience
that combines the Window Maker window manager with elements of the Xfce
desktop. Liquid Lemur has been around for a few years, but it has gone
through several directional changes.

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