Saturday, October 10, 2015

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Tech News Flash: Saturday -- October 10, 2015

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Headline Scan
Gadgets: A Fascinating Book, Stunning Speakers, and Empowering Tables
User Info Safe After LoopPay Attack, Says Samsung
Amazon Casts Its Net on the Internet of Things
Facebook Tests New Button-Pushing Plan
Google Spearheads Effort to Hook Mobile Web on Speed
App for Rating People Draws Withering Scorn

Today's Story Highlights

Gadgets: A Fascinating Book, Stunning Speakers, and Empowering Tables
Right after Google unveiled the first tablet it created entirely in-
house, Microsoft has gone them one better. Its Surface Book is a high-
end laptop that falls in line with the Surface ethos. It's a convertible
that works in tablet format, but its keyboard appears vastly superior to
the ones available for other Surface devices. From a specs standpoint,
the Surface Book seems to pack the goods.

User Info Safe After LoopPay Attack, Says Samsung
Samsung has assured users that their information is safe following a
computer intrusion of a key company linked to its mobile payment system.
The intrusion may have occurred as early as March. Samsung purchased
LoopPay for $250 million in February. Its technology allows mobile
phones to perform payment card transactions with older POS terminals
that recognize only cards with magnetic strips.

Amazon Casts Its Net on the Internet of Things
Amazon on Thursday leapt into the Internet of Things market with the
announcement of its AWS IoT platform. AWS IoT lets devices -- ranging
from cars and turbines to sensor grids and light bulbs -- connect to
services from Amazon Web Services. That in turn allows companies to
store, process, analyze and act on the mountains of data generated by
connected devices.

Facebook Tests New Button-Pushing Plan
Facebook on Thursday announced a pilot test of "Reactions," a way to
respond to posts on the network in a more nuanced way than its Like
button allows. The new feature is live in Spain and Ireland. CEO Mark
Zuckerberg previously alluded to the eventual landing of a Like
alternative, although he said it would not be a much-requested Dislike
button. Facebook had good reasons to resist a Dislike button.

Google Spearheads Effort to Hook Mobile Web on Speed
Google has announced Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, an open source
initiative to speed up mobile Web page loading. The aim is to have Web
pages with rich content -- such as video, animations and graphics --
work alongside smart ads and load instantly, with one code working
across multiple platforms and devices. The project will use AMP HTML, an
open framework based on existing Web technologies.

App for Rating People Draws Withering Scorn
Canadian businesswoman Julia Cordray's plan to launch Peeple, a Yelp-
like app that would let people post reviews about other people, has
drawn fierce criticism in the tech press and the blogosphere, including
a petition against the app's launch and a Twitter campaign to boycott
it. "It's a legal and ethical minefield," said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, a
research director at 451 Research.

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