Thursday, October 15, 2015

Apple is learning an expensive lesson about universities

16 October 2015
The Sydney Morning Herald
Apple is learning an expensive lesson about universities

If Apple is forced to pay future royalties in patent dispute, it'll add to the production costs of future iPhones and iPads.

Andy Jassy, head of Amazon Web Services.
Amazon Web Services is building a business for the long haul

Amazon Web Services wants to be the rarest thing of all in the technology industry: a long-lived company.

Digital Transformation Office chief executive Paul Shetler.
Digital Transformation Office chief executive Paul Shetler announces public service work schedule

Paul Shetler reveals the digital projects about to hit the federal bureaucracy. Starting with Canberra.

The public service is reforming how it deals with people online.
How Australian public service's digital reforms will happen, according to the Digital Transformation Office

The millions of customers, the short deadline: how the public service's digital revolution will start.

Will Microsoft's Surface Book breathe new life into the PC market?

PC makers are scrambling to continue remaking themselves in a world dominated by mobile devices operated with touch, rather than mouse clicks.

Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the topic of yet another Hollywood film.
Apple founder Steve Jobs was one of the greatest entrepreneurs. Discuss

Anyone who goes to see the new biopic of the Apple founder Steve Jobs is likely to come away with a very bad impression of the man.

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